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Mongolian BBQ grills

NSF certified

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         AllStrong custom-designed Mongolian B.B.Q. Grills are engineered to meet Chef's applications in today's unique oriental style of cooking. This unit is built specifically to give the customer the versatility and flexibility to achieve maximum efficiency in daily operation. It is ideal for meats, vegetables, noodles, etc.
         The anti-warp steel grill top which is 3/4" in thickness is designed to endure surface temperature up to 650oF with no deformation. Stainless steel constructed exterior body enhances aesthetics and has 2" interior insulation for maximum safety. The scrap ring is made of stainless steel with 2-1/2" flange around the circumference. Four convenient grease trays are located at all quadrants. The two rings duck tip jet burners are spaced equally to provide excellent combustion distribution. Each burner has its safety pilot control. Thermal control is within reach and visible through pre-cut window. The unit is equipped with four adjustable and removable sanitary bullet-type legs for leveling and moving convenience.

Standard Features:
· Stainless steel stove top.
· Heavy duty steel grill top
· Stainless steel scrap ring
· Stainless steel legs
· Full size galvanized grease drip pans
· Double wall insulated construction body
· Manual controlled burner
· Standard pilot system

Model No. A Cook Top Diameter
Gas Inlet Total BTU
ARE-MBG-36 49" Ø 36" 1-1/4" 400,000
ARE-MBG-42 55" Ø 42" 1-1/4" 467,000
ARE-MBG-48 61" Ø 48" 1-1/4" 587,000
ARE-MBG-54 67" Ø 54" 1-1/4"  
ARE-MBG-60 73" Ø 60" 1-1/4"  

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